TelcoTitans: O2 Germany advances IoT connectivity with New Sat challenger Skylo

• First hybrid cellular-satellite NB-IoT services to launch in early 2024. • Skylo just the start as operator plans further satellite tie-ups before the end of 2023. • O2 Germany and Deutsche Telekom in space race for transatlantic satellite IoT enterprise customers

TelefónicaDeutschland (O2 Germany) has partnered with New Sat player Skylo Technologiesto launch satellite-based Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) services toenterprises in the first quarter of 2024, going head-to-head with rivalDeutsche Telekom in transatlantic IoT business.

As thefirst satellite IoT service offered by the German operating business, it willprovide “seamless” connectivity in Europe and North America for IoTapplications. The partners said they plan to extend the offering to othercontinents, enabling companies to monitor devices “on a global scale”.

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