Skylo Technologies World-First Demo of Global Native NTN-SMS Capabilities with Omnitouch

Messages were sent between Skylo’s California-based office to standard, out of the box mobile phones in Australia, India, Finland, and the United States.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - February 28, 2024 - Skylo Technologies, the pioneer in non-terrestrial network (NTN) communication solutions, announced successful NTN-enabled send and receipt of native SMS via the Skylo network. Messages were sent between Skylo’s California-based office to standard, out of the box mobile phones in Australia, India, Finland, and the United States. The proof of concept (PoC) demonstration was done in collaboration with Omnitouch, Skylo’s MVNO test partner in Australia.


The demo leveraged a standard Omnitouch SIM card, demonstrating the seamless integration of Skylo's NTN network with the terrestrial network. Skylo’s 3GPP Rel-17 standards-based NTN is carrier-integrated, enabling both satellite and cellular texting capability from a commercially available smartphone using the native texting application.


"Today's successful demo represents a huge leap in connectivity, breaking down barriers to communication across the globe," said Dr. Andrew Nuttall, CTO and Co-Founder of Skylo Technologies."Our partnership with Omnitouch, leveraging its innovative MVNO platform, has enabled us to demonstrate the real-world applicability and immense potential of our NTN-SMS technology."


Nick Jones, Head of Core Networks andCo-Founder of Omnitouch, played a pivotal role in facilitating this collaboration. "The seamless execution of this demo with Skylo underscores our commitment at Omnitouch to spearhead advancements in mobile communication, and provide our customers with an amazing user experience that requires no change in their behavior. Skylo's NTN network continues to redefine the standards of accessibility and reliability in the industry."


The PoC galvanizes Skylo's SMS capabilities, as announced in January 2024, aiming to expand the horizons of communication technology. The introduction of NTN-SMS services is anticipated to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses connect, offering a reliable, global communication solution that transcends geographical limitations.


Skylo Technologies is excited to announce that this new NTN-SMS feature will be available globally through mobile network operators (MNOs) later this year, promising a new era of connectivity. To begin integration and testing on our network, submit your request here.


AboutSkylo Technologies

Skylo Technologies is a global NTN serviceprovider based in Mountain View, CA, offering a service that allows smartphoneand IoT cellular devices to connect directly over existing satellites. Devicesconnected over satellite are managed and served by Skylo's commercial NTN vRAN,featuring a 3GPP standards-based cloud-native base station and core. Skyloworks with existing satellite operators, network operators, and device makersto provide subscribers an anywhere, anytime connectivity solution that seamlesslyroams between terrestrial and satellite networks. Skylo's focus is on enablingconnected services for people outdoors and connected workflows for machines atwork across critical industries such as agriculture, maritime, logistics,mining, and others, in addition to mass-market consumer devices. For moreinformation, visit,contact,or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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OmnitouchNetwork Services builds and operates cellular networks in areas off the beatenpath all around the world. Our networks cover tropical islands in the Pacificand Indian Oceans, the jungles of central America and the remote icy islands ofThe Last Frontier, Alaska.  

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