Skylo Launches its Direct-to-Device Service in the US & Canada

Skylo users everywhere, on any compatible device, will be able to transparently use satellite connectivity when they are outside the range of a cellular network

Mountain View, CA – January 30, 2024 – Skylo Technologies, the pioneer in non-terrestrial network (NTN) communications, is thrilled to announce the official launch and availability of its satellite network service across the contiguous United States and Canada. Leveraging industry standards, Skylo users everywhere, on any compatible device, will be able to transparently use satellite connectivity when they are outside the range of a cellular network. This landmark rollout is a follow-up to Skylo’s earlier announcement partnering with Viasat and Ligado for the North American market, enabling ubiquitous and reliable communication, while opening up opportunities for formerly untapped markets, technologies, devices, and revenue streams for carriers.

Skylo's 3GPP Release-17 standards-based NTN solution utilizes Skylo’s own Radio Access Network (RAN) for ‘direct-to-device’ NTN services and leverages existing satellites and spectrum from leading providers. Backed by over 90 patents and its own Skylo Standards Plus capabilities, every aspect of connecting cellular devices over satellite becomes frictionless. As carriers integrate with Skylo, their users’ devices can roam onto satellite, eliminating the need to physically switch from cellular to satellite. Supplementing the launch of native SMS on Skylo’s network, users can simply text as they normally would when connected over Skylo.

In addition, Skylo has partnered with a broad swath of ecosystem partners to bring the most comprehensive and inclusive satellite network to market. It works closely with all major global chipset companies and module makers to eliminate the need for hardware changes, and certifies mainstream 5G modems now leveraging the Rel-17 NB-NTN waveform. Device manufacturers can certify their devices on Skylo’s network via the Skylo Certification Program.

Due to its basis on 3GPP Standards and its Standards Plus IP, Skylo’s network is capable of serving billions of devices across fully licensed, globally harmonized satellite spectrum dedicated for direct-to-device services, with ample global capacity for smartphones, cars, and IoT devices. This results in Skylo being the most affordable and scalable NTN service provider to support the world’s largest OEMs and carriers.

"As we launch Skylo's service across the United States and Canada, we are excited to provide seamless, inclusive connectivity that every American and Canadian family and business can take advantage of,” said Parth Trivedi, CEO and Co-Founder of Skylo.

Skylo's expansion into the US and Canada underscores its commitment to sustainable and inclusive connectivity solutions. By providing a reliable communication network, Skylo supports various sectors besides everyday smartphone users, including automotive, agriculture, maritime, logistics, transportation, and emergency response.

The service is offered through Skylo’s partner carriers and managed network operators as an additional service to existing plans for a single bill. For more information about Skylo Technologies, please visit

About Skylo Technologies

Skylo Technologies is a global NTN service provider based in Mountain View, CA, offering a service that allows smartphone and IoT cellular devices to connect directly over existing satellites. Devices connected over satellite are managed and served by Skylo's commercial NTN vRAN, featuring a 3GPP standards-based cloud-native base station and core. Skylo works with existing satellite operators, network operators, and device makers to provide subscribers an anywhere, anytime connectivity solution that seamlessly roams between terrestrial and satellite networks. Skylo's focus is on enabling connected services for people outdoors and connected workflows for machines at work across critical industries such as agriculture, maritime, logistics, mining, and others, in addition to mass-market consumer devices. For more information, visit, contact, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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