Via Satellite: Skylo and FocusPoint Collaborate on New IoT Service

Skylo will enable FocusPoint's IoT monitoring and emergency escalation service with it's NTN

Skylo will interconnect its NTN network with FocusPoint’s PULSE platform enabling FocusPoint’s IoT monitoring and emergency escalation service, the companies announced January 4th. This new service will monitor IoT devices and provide real-time escalation of alerts globally to the appropriate authorities. The integration and collaboration with the FocusPoint platform aims to offer users and customers enhanced reliability and accessibility to emergency services, regardless of their location.

Key industries likely to benefit from this new service include: Agriculture, Energy, Transportation, Utilities, and Automotive. The platform can receive, communicate with and escalate distress alerts via Skylo’s non-terrestrial network to emergency services for devices located in the air, on land, and at sea. Skylo’s NTN technology ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in the most remote and challenging environments.

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