Skylo Certifies the Qualcomm 212S Modem and Qualcomm 9205S Modem for NTN Compatibility

Skylo Technologies has officially certified the Qualcomm 212S Modem and Qualcomm 9205S Modem for compatibility with its satellite network, ensuring enhanced performance and connectivity for IoT applications globally.

MOUNTAIN VIEW – February 22, 2024 Skylo Technologies, the pioneer in non-terrestrial network (NTN) communications, has certified the Qualcomm® 212S Modem and Qualcomm® 9205S Modem on its network. The certification ensures that devices equipped with either of the two chipsets can seamlessly access Skylo’s satellite network anywhere under the open sky.

Skylo’s satellite network allows for devices equipped with either of these two modems to have enhanced performance, greater reliability, and expanded coverage, particularly when cellular connectivity is not available.The Qualcomm 212S Modem and Qualcomm 9205S Modem are renowned for their high efficiency, robust performance, and support for a wide range of stationary and in-transit IoT applications – including asset tracking, fleet management, off-grid asset management, predictive maintenance, and everything in between.

The inclusion of these two chipsets in the Skylo Certification Program is a testament to Skylo’s commitment to ensure a robust, predictable connectivity experience and chipset performance with its live satellite network. Additionally, the chipsets are available to IoT hardware developers through leading module manufacturers. Skylo’s network is commercially live today to customers across North America and Europe, with planned service expansion globally this year.

The Skylo certification process involved rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure that devices meet stringent NTN performance standards, including 3GPP Release-17 qualifications. Skylo's network takes advantage of dedicated satellite spectrum across various partner constellations, ensuring that IoT devices equipped with Qualcomm Technologies’ chipsets seamlessly switch to satellite to stay connected when out of terrestrial range.

“Collaborating with Skylo aligns well with Qualcomm Technologies' mission to expand global connectivity to more remote locations, through innovative technology. The certification of our chipsets for NTN compatibility is a great milestone,” said Dr. Jeffery Torrance, senior vice president and general manager, Industrial & Embedded IoT, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Skylo's satellite NTN service will be a component, enabling Qualcomm Technologies to further expand its portfolio of connectivity solutions to address the diverse needs of enterprises. This allows Qualcomm Technologies to provide a comprehensive connectivity stack that combines industry-leading silicon and software services with advanced satellite connectivity.

“The certification of the Qualcomm chipsets represents the convergence of the satellite and cellular communications industries that have acted as two distinct ecosystems over the last several decades, but are now coming together,” stated Dr. Andrew Nuttall, CTO and Co-Founder of Skylo. “For the first time, a single modem and a single protocol can roam seamlessly across cellular networks served over satellite and terrestrially.”

For more information on the Skylo Certification Program, click here.

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Skylo Technologies is a global NTN service provider based in Mountain View, CA, offering a service that allows smartphone and IoT cellular devices to connect directly over existing satellites. Devices connected over satellite are managed and served by Skylo's commercial NTN vRAN, featuring a 3GPP standards-based cloud-native base station and core. Skylo works with existing satellite operators, network operators, and device makers to provide subscribers an anywhere, anytime connectivity solution that seamlessly roams between terrestrial and satellite networks. Skylo's focus is on enabling connected services for people outdoors and connected workflows for machines at work across critical industries such as agriculture, maritime, logistics, mining, and others, in addition to mass-market consumer devices. For more information, visit, contact, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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