Monogoto Network for Seamless Satellite and Cellular Connectivity with Murata Development Board Now Available

Developers can go beyond traditional terrestrial networks to provide seamless connectivity as coverage grows

Developers can go beyond traditional terrestrial networksto provide seamless connectivity as coverage grows

January 9, 2024, PALO ALTO, CA -- Today at CES, cloud-based cellular network provider Monogoto in partnership with Skylo, Murata and Sony, is unveiling Satellite NTN with Skylo for 3GPP NB IoT continuous connectivity.

Ideal for industries such as IoT, maritime and aviation that can’t afford to lose connectivity, Skylo fills the gap traditional networks alone can’t cover, allowing developers to easily and affordably add satellite connectivity to existing public and/or private networks offering seamless connectivity in even the most remote and hard-to-reach areas. 

“Today’s businesses are reliant on continuously moving, connected devices. They are dependent on device-generated data to track speed, location and context. Satellite NTN is a once-in-a-generation technology that provides direct SIM to satellite connection. Never before has something so small been able to directly enable universal connectivity and provide a vital bridge between traditional terrestrial and satellite worlds,” says Maor Efrati, co-founder and CTO of Monogoto. “With our solution, developers have confidence that devices they create will always be connected from their same Monogoto SIM.” 

Features and Benefits of Satellite NTN

  • True global coverage - connect devices anywhere without cost and complexity
  • 3GPP NB-IoT standards compliant - Leverages the latest in low power, wide-area network technology and supports any device or modem that is compliance with 3GPP Release 17 specifications, enabling adopters to easily scale, innovate and compete
  • Public/NTN Interoperability and Connectivity - public, private and NTN networks work together to give businesses continuous, seamless connection required for modern business operations
  • Automatic Switchover - easily define and automate a switch in connection from public network to satellite 

Satellite NTN is the culmination of a partnership between wholesale NTN operator partner Skylo Technologies, Japanese electronic component manufacturer Murata, and chipset manufacturer Sony Altair.

"As a leader in the satellite communications industry, Skylo is thrilled to be part of this collaboration. Satellite NTN service with 3GPP NB-IoT marks a significant milestone in our mission to bridge the gap between terrestrial and satellite networks. This innovation is not just about enhancing connectivity; it's about empowering industries and developers to achieve unprecedented levels of reliability and coverage,” said Dr. Andrew Nuttall, CTO and Co-Founder for Skylo. “In a world where constant connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity, we are proud to offer a solution that ensures no device, regardless of location, is ever out of reach."

“It’s critical that IoT customers have reliable, cost-effective, integrated hardware solutions to take advantage of innovations in IoT connectivity,” said Hiro Hyogo, Senior Manager of Corporate Technology & Innovation for Murata. “Murata’s combined cellular and NTN radio modules provide a breakthrough in offering converged connectivity around the globe.”


The initial offering of Monogoto Satellite NTN with 3GPP NB-IoT is now available for select pilot engagements with early adopters in North America and Europe. To get started contact Monogoto at

About Monogoto

Monogoto is shaping a smarter, more connected world with our unique, easy-to-access, always-on 5G cloud for IoT connectivity and Private LTE. Our mission is to empower enterprises and developers with simplified, functionality-rich and secure connectivity for IoT and Private Networks, breaking today’s barriers to innovation. 

As a connectivity-as-a-service cloud provider for both public and private device connectivity, Monogoto’s rapidly expanding service boosts Internet of Things innovation and growth by providing seamless, cost-effective device connectivity in a simplified and easily accessible way. Today, developers around the world rely on Monogoto’s technology to connect sensors and devices in over 180 countries, across 550 public and private 4G/5G networks in multiple verticals, from agriculture to manufacturing, healthcare, fleet management, micro-mobility, retail and more.

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Maor Efrati, Co-Founder and CTO

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