Particle Blog: Connect anywhere: Introducing the M-Series

Satellite networking (aka “non-terrestrial networks” or NTN) isn’t new, and IoT products have been able to connect to satellite networks for years.

The “Internet of Things” is a weird industry. It’s not an industry at all, to begin with; it’s a basket of technologies that are relevant to pretty much every industry. The basic premise of IoT is that we’ve spent decades building networking and connectivity for PCs and smartphones that keeps getting faster, cheaper, and more ubiquitous, and we can repurpose that networking technology for “things” (i.e. anything other than a smartphone and PC).

In the early days of IoT, the “things” that we were connecting were consumer products — the Nest-alikes, the companies re-imagining every product in your home. Some of those products were great! Others were terrible. The smart home is pretty well-baked at this point; most Americans have at least one voice assistant in their home, and formerly niche products like smart locks, security cameras, and connected light bulbs are now mainstream.

In the years that followed, industrial products followed suit. Most of Particle’s customers these days are connecting things like methane sensors or agricultural equipment — less sexy, less visible, but more valuable. Our customers manage the stormwater systems of major cities around the world, control and monitor medical equipment, and ensure efficient production and consumption of energy with less impact on the climate. Our customers are saving the world, and it’s exciting to be supporting their achievements.

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