RCR Wireless News: Skylo certifies NB-IoT chipset from Sony Semiconductor for dual-mode satellite IoT

Skylo certifies Sony Altair chips for IoT

Satellite connectivity startup Skylo, offering Release-17 level NB-IoT on existing geostationary satellites, has certified the Altair ALT1250 chipset from Sony Semiconductor Israel for dual-mode cellular and satellite IoT communications. It is the fifth module to be certified by Skylo, RCR Wireless understands. Devices based on its ALT1250 chipset will support both cellular and native satellite connectivity, without requiring users to switch manually between the two.

Connectivity plans and devices are available through Skylo’s mobile service provider partners. The ALT1250 chipset is geared for IoT monitoring and tracking use cases. Skylo said its developing certification scheme for non-terrestrial network (NTN; satellite) devices aims to “foster a vast ecosystem of connected devices that can operate anywhere in the world”. It said the Sony unit will “accelerate the deployment of satellite-connected IoT solutions globally”.

California-based Skylo told RCR Wireless last month that four chipset makers already have Skylo-certified modules. The company’s chief executive and co-founder Parth Trivedi also suggested satellite NB-IoT (NB-NTN) addresses 80 percent of IoT use cases. “We’re not, for example, seeing the need for live streaming cameras on autonomous vehicles over NTN,” he said. “A lot of that is done on-board, on the device itself or on the car itself.”

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