IoT Evolution: Direct-to-Device Innovation, Courtesy of Viasat and Skylo Technologies

Expect to hear more about this global D2D network from Viasat and Skylo early next year.

For the uninitiated (as I admittedly was, until recently), here’s a long-story-short rundown on D2D:

Direct-to-Device communication refers to two devices communicating directly with each other, rather than relying on existing network infrastructure. (D2D also refers to any device that is able to connect to mobile services using a SIM or satellite technology.) D2D communications can greatly increase spectral efficiency, improve throughput, and expand the capabilities of modern communication applications.

Examples of this include D2D for emergency services (i.e. so user data can be transmitted quickly, and without troublesome network hinderances), as well as in use cases involving M2M (Machine-to-Machine) smart tech as part of IoV (the Internet of Vehicles).

By this logic, D2D is capable of connecting mass-market connectivity devices to satellites in order to provide coverage for roadways, for mining and energy firms, for agricultural companies with personnel and equipment out in remote regions, etc. So even though it isn’t ubiquitous just yet, the supplemental coverage that D2D provides has the potential to impact businesses’ operations globally in the years to come.

With this D2D context in mind, we should talk about the latest venture from Viasat and Skylo Technologies.

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