SpaceNews: Viasat to enter direct-to-device market with Ligado network

Three-pronged agreements between Ligado, Viasat, and Skylo set to expand D2D offerings and providers.

Viasat said March 2 it is partnering with Ligado Networks to break into the emerging market for providing satellite services directly to consumer smartphones and other devices.

While Viasat is best known for satellites that provide broadband in Ka-band spectrum, the operator has used L-band from Ligado’s SkyTerra-1 geostationary satellite since 2014 to deliver less bandwidth-heavy services over North America.

These mobile satellite services include connectivity for monitoring and tracking Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other machines requiring external antennas.

By also partnering with San Francisco-based venture Skylo on SkyTerra-1, which has developed technology enabling standard consumer devices to connect with geostationary satellites, the operators plan to expand these services across the “consumer smartphone, automotive, and defense” markets.

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