Skylo bringing satellite services to cellular devices, today

Skylo has been working for the past 5 years to connect compatible cellular devices with satellite, ensuring that you always have connectivity, when you need it most.

Skylo is on a mission to be the most efficient way to connect anything, anywhere. We’ve been working towards the day when the lines between satellite and terrestrial connectivity are finally eradicated. We’re excited that the announcements by T-Mobile and SpaceX, and Apple’s recent release of the iPhone 14 featuring satellite connectivity, have both caught the attention and captured the imagination of the mobile industry. With Skylo as a service provider, device makers won’t have to wait to provide their consumers with always-on connectivity, reliable emergency alerts, remote mapping capabilities, various tracking functionalities, and many more experiences that couldn't have been possible before.

Skylo’s technology is the most predictable and adaptable way to add satellite connectivity to cellular devices. Our approach does not require new satellites to be launched in space, any modifications to cellular devices, nor any new spectrum. For our partners, this means that they can bring new solutions to the market as early as next year. 

With this seamless satellite connectivity Skylo’s network offers, you will soon be able to use mobile devices and wearables, even when cellular connectivity is unavailable, exchange messages with your loved ones and keep in touch with them over satellite, reach emergency services in remote areas, and use your favorite apps for hiking, cycling, messaging, and more.

Skylo’s network seamlessly integrates with established partner satellite constellations, and presents a standard mobile network to both user devices as well as to partner terrestrial carriers who can ‘roam’ onto our network. Skylo effectively removes the complexity of switching between cellular to satellite, eliminating the need to wait for new and costly satellite launches, while making it possible to automatically switch between different satellite systems across frequencies and orbits.

Our service is backed by proven technology that’s both compliant with, and ahead of, the 3GPP cellular standards. We already support a variety of cellular devices and form factors, including wearables. We shared two case studies earlier this year highlighting how our direct-to-device service works. This signifies that satellite connectivity is coming to devices of all shapes and sizes: from smartwatches and pet trackers, to e-bikes and shipping labels. In fact, Skylo has already successfully tested the first commercial smartwatches over existing satellites. 

We invite device makers and mobile carriers to partner with us to bring unique connectivity experiences to both the consumers and enterprises they serve. If you are interested in partnering with, or want to integrate satellite / NTN connectivity into your upcoming products, contact us at For more information on our capabilities and proven case studies, please visit

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