Mobile Europe: Deutsche Telekom adds satellite to its T-IoT service with Skylo

DT taps Skylo for help expanding its T-IoT connectivity to above the Earth.

One year after the launch of T-IoT, the first B2B service offered jointly by Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US, the operators are adding satellite connectivity to support more use cases with partners Intelsat and Skylo.

Satellite connectivity via Intelsat will be available in the second quarter of this year. In a next phase, T-IoT will add a converged satellite-cellular offering with Skylo and Intelsat based on the 3GPP Release 17 Non-terrestrial Network (NTN) standard. This makes it possible to integrate space and ground networks so that traffic can be handed over from one to the other without service interruption. The converged service is expected to be available in 2024.

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