Geospatial World: Kigen and Skylo Collaborate to Expand Potential of 5G IoT

Kigen's e/SIM expertise, with Skylo's global NTN coverage, makes uncovers new possibilities for connecting the IoT.

Kigen and Skylo are collaborating on satellite connectivity integration frictionless for device makers, allowing for seamless transitions between cellular and satellite connectivity via Skylo’s SIM profile.

This combination is particularly attractive for devices used in challenging environments, where relying on terrestrial cellular networks alone can be problematic, and is being adopted by market leaders in rugged technology, Bullitt.

This breakthrough form of connectivity over satellite leverages the latest 3GPP NB-NTN standards. Skylo chose Kigen for various reasons: as a fast-moving and flexible enabler of digital SIM solutions, proven with over two billion SIMs, Kigen has existing integrations and adoption by leading carriers.

This is in line with a focus on growing the cellular market and unlocking new secure IoT use cases for enhanced customer experience with the Future of SIM.

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