emnify partners with Skylo to revolutionize Satellite IoT connectivity

No more patchworks of IoT service subscriptions or costly proprietary satellite network services. This collaboration is set to redefine the future of IoT connectivity and elevate emnify's solution to become the ultimate in cost-effective, dependable, and flexible network connectivity. The possibilities are endless.

  • emnify‘s IoT SuperNetwork skyrockets when IoT solutions leader and
    satellite innovator bring seamless universal connectivity within reach
  • emnify will launch its service over Skylo’s NTN network in the second half of 2023

March 1, 2023 // emnify, the market leading cloud-native enabler of IoT Cellular Connectivity, today announced a new strategic and technological collaboration with Skylo, a Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) service provider. The collaboration will allow emnify customers to use 3GPP Rel-17 NTN-compliant radio user equipment for terrestrial cellular and satellite IoT connections. The solution will be underpinned by Skylo’s global technology and managed via emnify’s unique web portal and APIs. 

The partnership positions emnify at the forefront of a nascent revolution in IoT connectivity, with satellite and terrestrial mobile communications systems integrating into a unified “network of networks” to deliver more resilient, accessible, and flexible connectivity solutions. Drawing on the latest global 3GPP standards, released in March 2022, the pioneering collaboration will be among the first to deliver dependable NTN support for IoT device fleets. Additionally, IoT users using this service will not be required to change their user behavior particularly as terrestrial and satellite connectivity are available on the same device. 

“Today, most enterprises are limited to using terrestrial mobile networks for wireless IoT solutions, unless they opt for costly and proprietary satellite network services from an additional service provider,” says Alexander Schebler, VP of Network Access at emnify. “With this collaboration, we’re changing that forever and redefining the future of IoT connectivity. There’s no need for hybrid or proprietary solutions and patchworks of IoT service subscriptions: by bringing emnify and Skylo together, we’re providing cost-effective universal connectivity and enabling customers to realize the full value inherent in their device fleets via their existing emnify cloud infrastructure.” 

emnify‘s IoT SuperNetwork will provide customers with a seamless service experience globally and enable customers to configure, manage, and update their devices using a single intuitive and agile user interface. In addition to emnify’s reliable terrestrial mobile network coverage, customers will now be able to leverage satellite IoT connectivity to ensure that their devices are always connected, no matter where they are located. The emnify and Skylo partnership further elevates emnify’s solution towards becoming the ultimate in cost-effective, dependable, and flexible network connectivity. 

“Skylo is excited to bring truly ubiquitous, global coverage to emnify customers, enabling a world where IoT devices are connected anywhere and everywhere.,” comments Eric DaVersa, VP of Business Development at Skylo. “NTN is set to change the way companies do business today and into the future, enabling tracking areas where cellular connectivity is simply not available.” 

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About emnify

emnify is the leading cloud building block for cellular communications in the IoT stack, connecting millions of IoT devices globally – from electric vehicles to energy meters, alarm systems to GPS trackers, thermometers to health wearables.

The emnify API and SIM technology connect and secure any kind of IoT deployment to its application back-end. emnify’s cloud-native integrations and no-code workflows ensure seamless lifecycle scalability for deployments of all sizes – from local start-up to global enterprise. The award-winning emnify IoT SuperNetwork is the largest globally distributed mobile cloud core network of its kind, supporting local network access (2G – 5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT and soon satellite) in over 180 countries from more than 25 cloud regions – and counting. emnify’s solution is built on partnerships with the leading hyperscale cloud service providers, system integrators, and hundreds of radio network operators worldwide. 

Founded in 2014, emnify was the first to transform cellular IoT connectivity into an easy-to-consume cloud resource – trusted today by thousands of the world’s most innovative companies. To learn more about emnify, please visit www.emnify.com 

About Skylo

​​Skylo Technologies is an NTN service provider based in Palo Alto, CA, offering a service that allows cellular modems and devices to connect directly over existing satellites. Devices connected over satellite are managed and served by Skylo’s commercial NTN vRAN, featuring a 3GPP standards-based cloud-native base station and core. Skylo works with existing satellite operators, terrestrial mobile network operators, and device makers to provide subscribers an anywhere, anytime connectivity solution that seamlessly roams between terrestrial and satellite networks. Skylo’s focus is on enabling connected services for people outdoors and connected workflows for machines at work across critical industries such as agriculture, maritime, logistics, mining, and others, in addition to mass-market consumer devices. For more information, visit www.skylo.tech, contact info@skylo.tech, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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