PODCAST: Connectivity Business News: Skylo CTO Nuttall on power of narrowband IoT

Listen as Nuttall discusses how Skylo aims to create a more complete picture for hybrid networks, and enable new, resilient online capability.

Narrowband nonterrestrial network service provider Skylo Technologies announced July 20 it will collaborate with advanced IoT developer Soracom on machine connectivity solutions using Skylo’s direct-to-device 3GPP technology.

Narrowband “allows satellite transmission to be concentrated into a small bandwidth allowing more efficiency,” Skylo Technologies Chief Technology Officer Andrew Nuttall tells Connectivity Business News in this episode of “The Dish” podcast. “You’re going to be seeing a lot of narrowband IoT proliferation as the de facto technology standard.”  

Watch the podcast here: https://connectivitybusiness.com/news/podcast-skylo-cto-nuttall-on-power-of-narrowband-iot/

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