Make Use Of: Bullitt Group Unveils Its New Cheaper Option for Satellite and SOS Messaging

The leader in rugged technology taps Skylo to expand its satellite communications technology.

At CES 2023, Bullitt Group revealed its new two-way satellite messaging service, which will drop the cost of satellite messaging and make it easier to use.

So, what is Bullitt Satellite Connect, and how does it work?

What Is Bullitt Satellite Connect?

In short, Bullitt Satellite Connect is a new two-way satellite messaging service that will launch using one of Motorola's Defy rugged smartphones (and eventually, CAT rugged smartphones, both of which Bullitt Group has partnerships with). But where most satellite messaging services use the Iridium satellite network, Bullitt Satellite Connect will use Skylo to avoid being locked into the Iridium network. Partnering with Skylo enables Bullitt Satellite Connect to use any partner satellite constellations, including Inmarsat, which will deliver global coverage.

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