Bringing in-field intelligence to modern agriculture

Skylo’s reliable and cost-effective platform enables large-scale deployment of remote sensor networks and satellite connectivity to deliver real-time alerts and actionable information for crop and resource management.

Transformative connectivity to digitize farms, on-farm sensors and equipment

Skylo’s cost-effective satellite hub for narrowband remote sensor applications and easy to use platform tool support your company's goals for productivity and resource optimization.

Flexibility across a variety of crop and resource monitors

An affordable network of environmental sensors that helps farmers optimize water and fertilizer usage to reduce costs and increase crop yields.

Real-time alerts help farmers react to time-sensitive issues

With Skylo’s ubiquitous network, you’ll never miss an opportunity to communicate status, relay instructions and maximize the productivity of your resources.


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A ubiquitous, reliable, and cost-effective platform paired with cutting edge technology to connect the Internet of Things.

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