Cutting edge technology to connect the Internet of Things

Skylo Hub

Skylo's portable, integrated satellite transceiver and IoT hub seamlessly aggregates data from previously offline sensors and sends that data to the cloud via our satellite network. Digitally steered antenna technology combined with Skylo’s in-built operating system makes it an easy-to-use, self-install solution.

Skylo Network

Skylo’s core network is designed to speak the language of machines, making our network extremely efficient for machine data. Our geostationary satellite architecture, the world's first NB-IoT network directly over satellite, provides instant, two-way connectivity with the highest reliability.

Skylo Data Platform

Skylo's data platform gives you the flexibility to access and manage hubs remotely. Our mobile application enables Skylo hub setup and data configuration in minutes, eliminating costly, time consuming installation routines.


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