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The Skylo Hub

Skylo’s Hub is the equivalent of a cellular modem in size, convenience, ease of install, and affordability. We provide the ability to connect machines and sensors seamlessly using geo satellites 35,000 kilometers in space. Delivering a new kind of antenna that makes communications seamless, Skylo's Hub can connect to 15 sensors through wire or BLE, operate on vehicles that are stationary or moving, and in frigid temperatures or sweltering heat. 

Skylo Connect

Satellites can be too expensive and out of reach for most, making it impossible for most businesses to take advantage of this global technology. Because Skylo leverages existing geo satellites already available worldwide, we can offer the world’s most affordable way to send and receive data over satellite, anywhere, all the time. Skylo’s proprietary method of transmitting data (using the NB-IoT protocol) reduces cost, making it possible to provide an end-to-end solution to customers, especially in under-networked, rural areas. Sensor data is continuously and reliably communicating with the cloud, offering easy access for anyone, anywhere. The solution also allows for real-time two-way messaging.

Skylo Apps -- Mobile and Web

Skylo Apps, which run on mobile or desktop, offer specific, customizable dashboards, giving customers the ability to ‘sense and see’ their business activities in real-time in order to take action. The Skylo app is easy to download, install, and customize for immediate use in the field or in the command center. Fishermen know in real time, for example, location of vessels, fishing zones, weather shifts, port availability, international borders, buyer and seller meets, emergencies out to sea, and more. Farmers can also monitor their tractors, livestock, and keep a close eye on their crop yields with soil sensors, irrigation alerts, and more. Skylo also offers easy-to-use APIs allowing businesses to integrate data streams from the Skylo Hub into existing applications.

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