Monogoto is enabling a smarter, more connected world with our unique, easy-to-access, always-on cellular cloud 4G/5G for IoT connectivity and Private LTE or 5G . Monogoto is a connectivity-as-a-service cloud provider for both public and private device connectivity. Our rapidly expanding service boosts Internet of Things innovation and growth by providing seamless, cost-effective device connectivity in a simplified and easily accessible way. Monogoto’s IoT cellular cloud network, enables innovation and flexibility for services that drive a more connected world. Our rapidly expanding 5G IoT connectivity service provides seamless, accessible and cost-effective device connectivity that scales developers’ requirements. We help developers to connect sensors and devices in over 180 countries, 550 public network and in private 4G/5G network across multiple verticals, from agricalture , manufacturing, healthcare, fleet management, micromobility, retail and so much more. Our mission is to empower enterprises and developers with simplified, functionality-rich and secure connectivity for IoT and Private Networks, breaking today’s barriers for innovation.



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