The Internet of Things Goes Fishing

Kelly Brieger
Marketing Director
April 6, 2021

Download a comprehensive white paper: The Centre for Strategy & Leadership Presents the Need for Digital Transformation and Automation in the Fisheries Sector

India is the world’s second largest fish producer, contributing almost 6% of the planet’s fish production. Enabling a multitude of ancillary industries, the sector is recognized as a strong source of income and employment across India.

Over the past year, the industry suffered due to the Covid shut down and resulting lack of fish accessibility across the country. However, with government support and targeted initiatives, the sector will start to see increased employment, fish production and productivity, improved quality and sustainability efforts, modernization of technology enablement, and more automated responses regarding quality, communications, and security. Structure, welfare, and technology are three key focus areas that will begin to spur these positive shifts.

As the Indian government prioritizes the advanced development of the fisheries sector with policy reform measures, the Centre for Strategy & Leadership (CSL), a leading Indian think-tank, released a white paper on the adoption of modern digital technologies to spark rapid growth in this sector.

The CSL white paper— IoT in the fisheries sector in India— discusses the importance of new technologies for India to realize optimal green growth. This is especially important as digital advancements, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), evolve and impact broad economic and social sectors. The whitepaper focuses on how technologies like IoT optimise the management of scarce resources and increase productivity of Indian fisheries industry.

The sector is facing three major challenges: 

1- ensuring fishermen safety while out at sea,
2- maintaining national security by monitoring international borders, and
3- prioritising fisheries as a robust economic activity. 

Unless digitisation and advanced technologies are deployed consistently, these challenges will continue to be barriers to productivity, growth and safety in the long term.

Skylo - the world’s most affordable solution for connecting data via satellite

As highlighted in the whitepaper, disruptive technologies, such as those being provided by Skylo, are critical to meet the demands of fishermen, boat owners, and regulators as industries innovate. Our end-to-end solution (Hub, Network, Platform) provides the easy to use system that keeps fishermen safe, enables higher productivity, and helps monitor national borders for safety. The paper suggests that all of the stakeholders be involved in the digitization process, from fishermen to boat owners to government organizations. 

Skylo is being deployed throughout India and has saved the lives of many fishermen out to sea, where there is no cell coverage for miles.

The future of fisheries depends on digital innovation. 

Improvements in IoT technologies offer 2-way alerts, SOS messaging, and ship-to-shore communications about catches, and always-on vessel monitoring and location awareness.  Given the high cost of communications, not to mention the complexities faced when trying to deploy access points and platforms, there hasn’t yet been a realistic solution. Skylo has changed all that -- making it easy and affordable for fishermen to deploy solutions.


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