Keep your fleet connected

Our Telematics solution provides a ubiquitous, reliable, and cost-effective platform for large-scale deployment of vehicle sensors and satellite connectivity, delivering real-time actionable intelligence to fleet managers.

Low cost, reliable, and ubiquitous vehicle management

Skylo provides a cost-effective platform to gather vehicle or equipment data, from pre-existing sensors or new ones, and enable new business models for transportation and equipment with ubiquitous, reliable connectivity.

Real-time fleet tracking, diagnostics, and alerts

Gain new operations insights by with precision location tracking to 3 meters for routing  and geofencing initiatives. Connect to new and existing monitoring sensors for precise, timely data to support preventative maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Bidirectional messaging and business critical updates

Skylo’s ubiquitous network enables assets to transmit alerts from remotest of locations. Your business can receive updates or relay instructions to keep resources as efficient as possible. Knowing where your assets are at all times can improve the safety of your team, providing emergency services with an exact location in the case of a fire, breakdown or other unexpected event. Save lives and never misplace an asset.


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A ubiquitous, reliable, and cost-effective platform paired with cutting edge technology to connect the Internet of Things.

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