Skylo’s reliable, and cost-effective platform enables large-scale deployment of remote sensor networks and satellite connectivity to deliver real-time alerts and actionable information for railway systems.

Old-school transportation. Modern visibility. Constant insights.

Over mountain passes and across deep rivers. Through crowded cities and rural countryside. Connecting people with the business of life. Railways have reliably carried millions of people where they need to go. Every single day. For well over a century - and counting. But the digital revolution that has transformed so many industries hasn’t yet touched rail. Until now.

Always up, always on connectivity.

A steady stream of data. A powerful window into your operations. Just imagine what you could do if you knew, well, everything. Deliver a better, more comfortable passenger experience by monitoring temperatures and vibration at the individual car level to ensure consistent comfort. 

Old-school transportation. Modern visibility. Constant insights.

Enhance safety with sensors that provide instant alerting for fire and other anomalies that contribute to derailment. Improve operations with predictive maintenance that pinpoints issues before part failure and eliminates unplanned downtime. Know where your assets are at any time, anywhere, with continuous visibility and tracking.

Skylo delivers all this capability and more. Affordably. We combine a cellular-grade satellite network built for machines with low-cost hardware and intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards.

So you always have what you need to make the best decisions possible, every step of the way.


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