Increasing safety and productivity for maritime vessels

Skylo Technologies’ reliable, ubiquitous, and cost-effective platform enables large-scale deployment of satellite connectivity  to deliver real-time alerts and actionable information for maritime operations.

Cost effective offshore connectivity

Ruggedized IP67-compliant hubs ensure survivability in the toughest maritime conditions. Solar-powered hub and sensor operation paired with battery backup or direct power.

Safe & secure offshore  operations

Two way emergency messaging system for distressed vessels, inclement weather, and disaster response. Regular location and productivity reporting anywhere under the sky for vessel monitoring and maritime boundary alerts.

Increased productivity for working vessels

Real-time messaging and location data enables more efficient fisheries management with on-site catch reporting, marine protected area management, and ability to push fish market data to fishermen.


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A ubiquitous, reliable, and cost-effective platform paired with cutting edge technology to connect the Internet of Things.

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