Taking the guesswork out of disaster preparedness and response

Skylo’s reliable, and cost-effective platform enables large-scale deployment of remote sensor networks and satellite connectivity to deliver real-time alerts and actionable information for disaster preparedness and response.

A reliable communications fabric for crisis management

Edge analytics and real-time alerts identify impending disasters and notify emergency services personnel. An affordable network of environmental sensors that alerts responders before disaster strikes.

Ruggedized, lightweight and waterproof network hubs

Small, cost effective and IP67-compliance means our hubs can be used in  a plethora of use cases, for both terrestrial and marine-based applications.

2-way messaging enables disaster recovery efforts.

Simply pair a bluetooth-capable smartphone to your Skylo hub to enable messaging, and use location and messaging services to help address critical disaster recovery needs.


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A ubiquitous, reliable, and cost-effective platform paired with cutting edge technology to connect the Internet of Things.

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