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How fast is Skylo's connection speed?

Skylo’s satellite data service is designed specifically for narrowband applications.  The Skylo Hub has a maximum data throughput of 20 kbps.  It’s perfect for collecting machine and sensor data transmitted at regular intervals and transmitting two-way messages and alerts.

Can I put a Skylo Hub on a moving vehicle?

Yes!  Skylo’s electronically steered antenna checks alignment 10 times per second, so you can mount the Hub on a vehicle that moves up to 200 kmph and still maintain connectivity.

How do I install a Skylo Hub?

Skylo’s mobile application enables end users to provision Hubs with no professional installation required.  Using a BlueTooth™capable Android phone you can set up Hubs, pair the Hub to external sensors, and define your desired transmission rate for data.  Skylo’s software platform allows you to manage multiple Hubs easily.  For permanent installation, Skylo has a variety of mounting brackets and the Hub has a ¼ in. receiving screw on the bottom.

How long does the Hub's battery last?

It depends on how often you transmit.  The Skylo Hub’s battery is designed to last up to 7 days under a two-transmission per day scenario.  More frequent updates or larger data sets will consume battery power more rapidly, but under most scenarios the Skylo Hub can transmit for a full 8 hour work day on battery power.

Can I connect the Hub to an external power source?

The Skylo Hub also comes in an external power configuration for permanent installation. You can also connect the Hub to solar panels or external batteries to keep the battery charged.