Skylo and FISHCOPFED partner to improve fishermen safety, increase catch profitability, and bolster ecosystem sustainability

July 27, 2021

FISHCOPFED (The National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd. in India) has partnered with Skylo to deploy Skylo’s IoT solution to help spur longer-term profitability, productivity, and welfare of Indian fishers and broader fishing communities 

New Delhi/Bengaluru, 27 July 2021: Skylo, the world’s first and most affordable end-to-end narrowband IoT solution, and India’s National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd. (FISHCOPFED), the apex institution of the Indian Fisheries Cooperative Movement, have partnered to deliver Skylo’s IoT-based solutions to marine fishing and aquaculture sectors, including monitoring oxygen and pH levels of water in ponds across the states (aquaculture and inland fisheries) and enhancing fish yields and profitability for the fish farmers. 

As part of the partnership, Skylo and FISHCOPFED will work together to improve the welfare of fishermen and fish farmers to increase profits for the fishing community by using IoT technology. The advanced solutions provided by Skylo for Marine Fishing & Aquaculture include 2-way messaging, SoS alerts, fish catch reporting, sensor integration for capturing different parameters on the quality of water for fish farming - empowering the fish farmers to make more informed and immediate decisions. FISHCOPFED will make Skylo’s cost-effective, ubiquitous technology available to its 33 lakh fishers members, bringing about the digitization of small-scale fishing and fish farming businesses in India.

Angira Agrawal, Skylo COO said, “Technology will transform the fishery sector in four main ways: safety, productivity, sustainability, and greater profitability. The future of fisheries management depends on innovation. Skylo is providing an end-to-end data solution to digitize fleets and aquaculture farms at disruptively affordable prices to anyone who wants it.”

Speaking about the partnership, Rishikesh Kashyap, Managing Director of FISHCOPFED and COFFED, said. “After careful validation of multiple IoT solutions offered in the market and also after considering the 2-way messaging transponder solutions provided to multiple states and UTs for marine fishing, Skylo has been selected to initiate the demonstration of satellite-based IoT technology. FISHCOPFED is dedicated to the betterment of the entire fisheries ecosystem and this partnership is a major step towards that goal.”

“The Government of India has been prioritizing the rapid development and modernization of India’s fisheries sector with policy reform measures, including the transformative Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojna (PMMSY). Complementing PMMSY and our honorable Prime Minister’s goal of doubling fisheries production with the Blue Revolution, Skylo will boost the safety of fishers and revamp the productivity and reach of the sector several fold,” Mr. Kashyap added.  

Skylo is encouraged by India’s own efforts to modernize the economy, while digitally catapulting several strategically important and traditionally under-represented sectors like fisheries. Skylo has built IoT solutions for multiple sectors including Fisheries, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Logistics, Mining, Defence Units, Forestry, Weather Monitoring, among other key areas.  

Skylo helps people benefit from secure, two-way data connectivity through its Skylo Hub: a rugged device that aggregates and transmits your data via Skylo Connect: a powerful cloud-based API, powered by our network that works anywhere. All of which is easily accessible through the Skylo App, available on mobile or web, arming users with the ability to take immediate and appropriate actions across their entire operations.

About Skylo:

Skylo Technologies brings disruptively affordable, always-on IoT connectivity to millions of machines, sensors, and devices, even in the most remote places on Earth. Skylo is disruptively affordable — costing 95% less than today’s satellite connectivity — and is the first company to leverage the cellular  Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) protocol for satellite communications. Skylo can connect sensors on equipment and machines in remote areas across a wide range of industries, including farming, fishing, logistics, railways, and more. Visit Skylo at, follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook or on Twitter @SkyloTech. To learn more, please contact Skylo at


The National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd. (FISHCOPFED) is a national level federation of fisheries cooperatives and the apex institution of the Indian Fisheries Cooperative Movement. 33,53,115 Fishers and 21,741 Fishers Cooperative Societies are members of FISHCOPFED.  Its motto is to promote and develop the fishery cooperative movement in India, to educate, guide, and assist fishers in their efforts to build up and expand the fishery cooperative sector and serve as an exponent of cooperative opinion in accordance with cooperative principles. It was established in 1980 as All India Federation of Fishers Cooperatives and was rechristened as National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd. in 1982. Visit FISHCOPFED at, follow us on Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @fishcopfed. To learn more, please contact FISHCOPFED at


Co-operative Fisheries Federation/ The Bihar State Co-operative Fishers Federation Ltd was formed with the purpose of uniting the fisheries community. The federation helps the fishermen with each and every aspect of their lives- business, insurance, environmental, social etc, and works towards improving their way of life.