When It Comes to Farming, Understanding Details, in Real Time, Transforms Business

Kelly Brieger
Director of Marketing
November 6, 2020

Farming is big business, of course, it represents a big opportunity with big impact: to grow more food. Sustainable and healthy food. Indian agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy, one of the world’s “top four food-producing countries.

Farming has big challenges, from unpredictable weather to soil quality to water shortages to the health of livestock. These problems, and the lack of dependable and up-to-the-minute understanding of the daily and micro details can result in lost resources, narrow margins, and lack of profit. Precision farming - which promises a customized approach to deliver higher yields - also increases farmers’ revenues by 35 - 65 percent an acre. Other benefits include significant cost savings, with one study demonstrating that energy costs drop 35 percent per acre and irrigation plummets eight percent

Immediate gains from advanced digital technologies increase yield and profits. 

Skylo delivers an end-to-end solution that makes it possible for farmers to have 100% coverage, 100% of the time, so they can send and receive pertinent information by the minute. Information that helps them understand the details of their farm’s operation so they can make on-the-spot decisions and accomplish more.

Skylo’s satellite-based solution continuously collects environmental and machine metrics, letting farmers to take immediate action when there is a problem and maximize productivity and yield of high-quality crops and livestock. 

Here’s how we do it: we put a rugged, easy-to-install, small hub (think of it like a hotspot for sensors) on farming equipment, which collects sensor data from specific areas, from soil, to livestock to tractors, and sends it up to the always-on satellite network. The information is transmitted to a farmer’s mobile or desktop devices using Skylo’s immersive platform so that action can be taken. 

The benefits are real:

  • Maximize productivity, optimize resources: With a convenient, immersive platform, farmers can take a holistic view of their operations, monitoring crops, soil, livestock, fields, storage equipment, and facilities to make real-time decisions for maximum impact and yield. With the hub, it’s possible to turn off water in the event of a broken pipe or water main, saving precious resources.
  • Reduce operating costs: Affordable, reliable, specific sensors make it possible to optimize water and fertilizer usage so farmers pay only for what’s truly needed. Labor costs also decline as, for example, farmers can use sensors to understand operations, allowing people to focus on the higher impact work. 
  • Connect to drive communications: Farmers need connectivity. Skylo’s satellite network makes it possible to communicate status and relay instructions - not just one time, but every time. 

Only a few short years ago, the benefits of precision farming seemed unattainable. It was hard to imagine a reality where real-time data could accurately predict how rice would grow in certain conditions or how and when to attain the correct quantity of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in order to maximize optimal crop output in both quality and quantity. 

But that future is here now, thanks to the unique confluence of affordable satellite access (literal pocket change per month), immediate sensor data access, and mobile access all the time. Now the question is not “can we?” it is “how soon can we?”

We can answer that. Get in touch with us. info@skylo.tech