Trucking in India Is Hard, and Sometimes Dangerous - There Are Ways to Make It Easier

Tarun Gupta
CPO and Co-Founder
February 23, 2021

Trucking is critical to India’s economy and future growth. Yet important as it is, it’s all too often a black box for the operators who rely on it, to say the least.

Nine million truckers and transporters move 69 percent of the freight traffic in India. Truck drivers are operating in an environment where 500,000 accidents happen a year; every four minutes, in fact, there is one car- or truck-related death in the country. To say that trucking plays an important role in keeping India’s economy vibrant is a serious understatement. Truckers are its lifeblood. And more can be done to help the industry keep productivity high, costs low, deliveries on time, and so on.

The safe operation of this crucial part of India’s economy -- to say nothing of its general efficiency and reliability -- is hampered by a lack of visibility. India is vast, with a communications infrastructure that presents serious challenges to the managers and operators seeking to monitor important checkpoints and warning signs.  

But new technologies are changing that, presenting an opportunity to make truckers’ jobs a little safer, healthier, and more lucrative. We’ve already seen how relay trucking ensures proper handoff so drivers can get rest and see more of their families. App-based sharing technology is also helping drivers find work opportunities on their way back from runs, turning what would be an unpaid trip home into a productive journey back.

Advanced communications and sensing technology can make a big difference. Today.

At Skylo, we’ve launched an end-to-end IoT solution that uses satellites to give customers the ability to deploy continuous real-time fleet and product monitoring. For trucking operators, that means fuel-level awareness and breakdown alerts across entire fleets, through the use of an elegant mobile platform that’s continuously connected 100% of the time, everywhere across India. Because they can more efficiently communicate with customers, reduce shipping costs, and make it possible for drivers and shipments to be safer and more predictable, users can improve business operations on day one.  

Here’s how: we put a rugged, small and easy-to-install hub (think of it like a hotspot for sensors) on a truck or directly onto goods. This device takes sensor data from the vehicle and transported goods and sends it to our always-on satellite network, which transmits data back to our platform for customers to see. This is the impact:

  • Better employee safety: Early detection of mechanical issues means trucks can get repaired before they break down and cause either critical delays or serious accidents. Timely diagnostic alerts mean trucks are fixable before they’re broken. Unplanned downtime becomes a thing of the past.
  • Uninterrupted awareness of fleet location: From warehouse-to-endpoint, managers can see their fleet at all times with perfect precision. Constant, uninterrupted connectivity -- in rural areas, crowded cities and everywhere in between -- drives total awareness. If unexpected issues arise in any of these areas, Skylo makes it possible for truck drivers to call for help, so managers can send it.
  • Easier sensing and more useful information: Data isn’t helpful unless it’s always available, tactical, specific, and easy to understand. We deliver a simple way to see and evaluate vehicle data for real-time decision making.
  • Granular understanding of shipping costs: Automated order processing -- with real-time alerts and monitoring -- frees up time for employees; instead of focusing on shipping details, they’re free to tackle higher-value tasks.
  • Efficient routing for faster and safer delivery: Constant connectivity gives operators the power to reroute trucks at the last moment, to better ensure they take the safest, fastest routes while keeping a close eye on cargo and cutting down on costly theft. This is a game changer in terms of efficiency and outcomes, and offers quite a competitive advantage. 

Truckers work incredibly hard and often in dangerous conditions. In that respect, very little has changed over the past few decades. But with the advent of digital transformation technologies like ours and others, the trucking industry has the opportunity to make it much safer and easier. It also helps them, and the organizations they drive for, achieve success. 

It’s time for this lucrative industry to take its next evolutionary step in one of the world’s most important economies. And we’re proud to offer the solution to get the job done. 

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