Put Your Farming Equipment to Work For You (Even In the Off Season)

Carl Keller
Director of Product
February 9, 2021

There’s no doubt that farming equipment is an expensive -- but necessary -- investment. Without it, fields lie unproductive; crops aren’t harvested, processed and transported; farmers don’t grow the crops that feed their families, communities, and the world; and these key contributors to local economies don’t make the money they need to survive and thrive.

Once that essential equipment is purchased, however, it’s also frustrating to know that part of the time, that equipment lies dormant. Unused but usable. Available but inaccessible.

Globally, we’ve all seen how the sharing economy opens doors to the potential of greater prosperity -- not just for those renting out equipment, but to the farmer renting the assets as well. It all starts by leveraging equipment that’s sitting around, collecting dust, when it could be put to use. It’s a very straightforward equation: excess capacity drives increased cash.

So why are farmers just beginning to jump aboard the sharing economy train? The answer is simple. The affordable technology that ensures that these valuable assets remain consistently visible, healthy, sound, and trackable hasn’t existed. Until now. 

That’s where Skylo comes in.

Skylo is delivering the world’s first satellite-based Internet of Things (IoT) solution. In plain language: we make machines smart and put them to work for you, making the data they produce always accessible so you can make better decisions. Faster. And unlike cellular coverage -- which is spotty or nonexistent for so many -- our network relies on satellite communication and an innovative Hub that transfers information all the time, so there’s no interruption. Just data when and where you need it through the combination of our affordable end-to-end solution: our affordable Skylo Hub, our Skylo Satellite Network, and our immersive and intuitive Skylo Platform.

This radically expands the options for industries interested in participating in the sharing economy -- and the forward-thinking service centers that rent equipment. Just imagine the possibilities. Farmers could: 

  • Monitor where farming equipment is and know its fuel levels at all times
  • Check on the equipment to understand how it’s being used and if it’s in good shape
  • Benefit from predictive maintenance alerts; getting a heads up that something will need to be fixed or adjusted ensures minimal downtime
  • Keep an eye on assets and ensure renters are taking good care of equipment
  • Understand the productivity and efficiency of a whole fleet of equipment assets

As a result, farmers can move with purpose into a more advanced digital future where investments are maximized to function at full potential and secured for peace-of-mind. Service center owners would also see new advantages from integrating advanced, proven technology. Just imagine:

  • Seeing  precisely where your asset is
  • Understanding visually exactly what land has been farmed and what acreage remains on the job site
  • Performing daily -- even hourly -- analysis with a fine-grained view of how assets are performing on a job

The new sharing economy benefits everyone - from those that have invested in modern, advanced farming equipment to those who can now access all kinds of modern equipment on a short-term basis.

What a remarkable future awaits.

Contact Skylo at info@skylo.tech to learn more.