India is on its Way to Becoming Fully Connected

Parth Trivedi
CEO and Co-Founder
December 15, 2020

Today, the Skylo team is thrilled to share some major news: We have formally launched our satellite-based solution in India as a recognized government partner through our partnership with BSNL, India’s government-owned telecommunications provider. 

Skylo provides the world’s most affordable, satellite-based IoT always-on network that connects machines and sensors. As a result of this exciting partnership, all kinds of industries throughout India, from farming to fishing to trucking, now have the ability to continuously connect across all corners of India to better understand what is happening in their business operations, anywhere at any time, all the time. Skylo covers the entire country of India 100% of the time and collects critical information from millions of sensors - even in the most remote and underserved areas.

Industries operating under centuries-old practices can now have access to advanced technologies that allow for real-time continuous data. And, we’ve designed our products and offerings with real people, not technologists, in mind, making our end-to-end solution easy to install and get set up, costing only a small amount of pocket change per day.

The hardworking people of India will take pride in putting digital advancements to work for them.

People believe that cellular coverage reaches everywhere, and everyone. In fact, even the best cellular networks only cover about 20% of the total landmass. This means that businesses that are remote, rural or on-the-move are out of coverage 80% of the time. With this BSNL partnership, Skylo now covers the entire country 100% of the time to collect critical information from billions of sensors - in even the most remote and underserved areas.

Our Skylo Hub connects sensors through wire, WiFi, or BLE, and collects information from them, whether things are stationary, moving, in the dirt, or at sea. The Skylo Network efficiently transmits critical data, making it possible for you and your teams to receive information that allows for immediate action, anywhere in the world. And the immersive Skylo Platform gives anyone and everyone the ability to send and receive notifications and take immediate action, anytime, all the time.

Businesses large and small, in cities or in rural areas can now deploy advanced technology to transform their business operations and communications.

  • Fishermen can call for help at sea or sell their catch before they reach the shore, ensure the weather patterns don’t impede their progress, and make certain they stay in territorial waters and out of trouble.
  • Farmers can maximize macronutrients in the soil at just the right time to enhance yields, check water levels in remote wells, and understand in real time if something goes wrong with underground pipes.
  • Fleet operators can reroute trucks in real time to pick up new shipments and maximize profits, ensure driver safety even on long stretches of rural roads, and continuously monitor precious cargo as they embark on long journeys.
  • Railway operators can understand the health of their passenger cars and cargo in a moment's notice, and they continuously connect to avoid unsafe activities as they travel from point a to point b. 

We anticipate new companies and even new markets will emerge as a result of our technology working as a highly effective, behind the scenes enabler of progress. And we’re doing it all right here in India, with manufacturing in country, and with immense pride (especially as someone born and raised in Kolkata). Our work is already well underway. We’re integrating our Skylo Hubs on fishing boats, on farming equipment, and on passenger and cargo railways. We’ve partnered with BSNL, Sony, SoftBank, Boeing HorizonX and others to scale this capability in India, and around the world. We’re already seeing results. And we see massive potential for communities in India.

India is well on its way to becoming a digitally advanced country. The vast economic growth potential is at our fingertips. 

This is an exciting time for the people of India. We’re extremely proud to play our part. Check out our press release announcing the news, and contact us to learn more or get connected.