How on Earth is Skylo so affordable?

Prassana Iyengar
Director, Product Management
August 23, 2021

For decades, satellite connectivity has been reserved for a tiny subset of wireless communications: calls to Mt. Everest, media interviews from the Space Station, or at best, VSAT connectivity at a premium. After years of innovation, that is now changing. Skylo provides the world’s first satellite-based solution for Internet of Things (IoT) and two-way connectivity, at a small fraction of the price of traditional satellite communications. “How is Skylo so affordable?” is a question I hear almost daily. Let’s dive into the economics of how we make this happen. 

The economics of Skylo

Skylo’s cost advantage in satellite IoT communications is built on three distinct cornerstones.

  • Low fixed cost: Before Skylo, connecting with a VSAT satellite network required professional installation of a meter-square antenna device costing more than  $5,000 USD. Getting started with Skylo is easy and inexpensive. Our Skylo Hub is about 8 inches square and the equivalent of a cellular modem in size, convenience, ease of install, and affordability - optimized for self-install. 

Integrating a new kind of digitally steered antenna that makes communications seamless, a highly efficient satellite modem and an IOT gateway, Skylo's Hub can connect to 15 sensors through wire, WiFi or Bluetooth low energy (BLE). The Skylo Hub is rugged, and can operate while stationary and in motion, in extreme cold, sweltering heat, heavy rainfall and other harsh conditions.

  • Low variable cost: Traditional satellite communications are extremely cost-prohibitive, making it impossible for most businesses to afford them. Skylo has partnered with Inmarsat to enable the world’s first commercial narrowband IoT-over-satellite solution. Inmarsat’s industry-leading L-band network forms the backbone of Skylo’s Satellite Network, ensuring unparalleled reliability, uptime and a high-quality user experience for customers at an extremely cost-effective price point.

Skylo’s purpose-built network for IOT incorporates proprietary methods of efficiently transmitting sensor & machine data, reducing satellite usage cost and making it possible to provide an end-to-end solution literally anywhere under the sky. Today, this is especially critical in under-networked, rural & remote areas of India; soon, Skylo will cover the entire world. 

We understand that connectivity by itself is only part of the solution. With Skylo, we easily and rapidly integrate external sensors. Sensor data is continuously and reliably communicated to the Skylo cloud for easy, ubiquitous availability. Skylo’s solutions help customers receive continuous coverage to send and receive critical two-way messaging, alerts, and continuously transmit valuable sensor data including location, soil moisture, fuel usage, temperature and much more.

  • Priceless connectivity: Skylo’s satellite IoT connectivity is changing the face of how ‘things’ are connected, enabling real-time data transmission and greater reliability, particularly where there is inconsistent or no cellular coverage. Skylo’s global IoT connectivity fabric makes way for thousands of life-changing applications — from managing vaccine efficacy during delivery, to advancing precision farming, to providing early warnings in the event of natural disasters.

The worldwide reach and low cost of Skylo’s solution are already making a transformative difference in a wide range of industries, from commercial fishing to supply chain management. Follow Skylo on Twitter @SkyloTech to keep up with our latest news and developments. Send us a note at to get started today.