Here’s How Skylo Turns ‘Imagine If’ into ‘What’s Next’

Kelly Brieger
Director of Marketing
October 23, 2020

Imagine you work on the 15905/15906, the Dibrugarh - Kanyakumari Vivek Express. It’s the longest train route in the Indian subcontinent, winding its way in part through remote countryside. A fire breaks out in one of your train cars. There is no way to tell the engineer or conductor, or even call your loved ones quickly because there’s no cell service. You have to run the length of the train to let them know - and even then, there’s no way for the conductor to do anything either. There is simply no cellular network available.

Now imagine you fish for a living in the Indian Ocean, out there on a small trawler with a small crew. Your boat has no communications equipment aboard. It starts to leak diesel; now you’re stranded, with no way to ask for help, hoping another boat passes by, before your boat catches on fire or even sinks.

Imagine you’re a farmer growing rice in Raipur Jattan. Each grain of rice brings money for food, your house, and for your children to go to school. One of your irrigation pipes bursts and it’s now pumping water into your field -- hundreds of yards from where you are, and you don’t even know. And your rice is ruined.

Enter Skylo.

Skylo transforms “imagine if” to “what’s next”: the ability to make smart, transformative decisions powered instantaneously by data transmitting from affordable sensors on every machine, everywhere.

The fire on the train? Within five seconds, a fire alert message would appear on the engineer’s mobile and simultaneously at home base to make sure help would be on the way. The fishing boat? Send an instant SOS and the fisher would receive word help is coming. The flooded field? A real-time alert that the pipe needs maintenance so it can be upgraded - before it breaks. It’s real-time communications that aren’t tied to any network on earth.

This is how.

Skylo has built the world’s first and only affordable, satellite-based IoT network that connects machines -- from tractors to trucks, from fishing boats to railcars, from pipelines to individual goods -- and sensors. This data is then continuously shared via an intuitive, immersive user platform so people can take action. This is key and here’s why:

  • It’s a new capability that is absolutely unique. For the first time, all kinds of industries can understand precisely what’s happening in their business operations anywhere, at any time, all the time as a result of our ultra-reliable satellite network. This addresses a weakness of cellular networks, which are built mainly for people and only cover about 20 percent of the world’s landmass -- leaving 80% of the land out of coverage - even more when you count the oceans.

In contrast, we built the Skylo network from the ground up to address a different need: connecting machine sensors to constantly and continuously be read so people can be informed immediately without the need for a cell network. Skylo leverages geostationary satellites so our network is always available even in the most remote, unconnected, underserved areas.

  • It’s affordable. The hardware is less expensive than a cell phone with a monthly fee that’s the equivalent of a cup of coffee. Why? We’re providing a narrowband service -- purpose-built to deliver small but pivotal bits of information like data, text, location services, and alerts. This smart, ultra-defined focus provides access for everyone through affordability.
  • It’s simple. It’s reliable. All the machines you use can now work continuously for you. You can put low-cost sensors on every machine you own -- and Skylo will take it from there, turning every farm, every supply chain, every fishing operation into an always-on efficient business filled with operational insights. We action your assets.

It’s done through our three-part, end-to-end solution:

  • The Skylo Hub: a rugged, easy-install box that functions like a hotspot for sensors. Put this on your equipment and it will connect sensors through wire, WiFi, or BLE, collecting information no matter what. Machines can be moving or stationary, operating in the ocean, in a pipeline, in the dirt, and the Hub just works.
  • The Skylo Satellite Network: securely delivers critical data to you and your teams anywhere in the world immediately using geostationary satellites.
  • The Skylo Platform: an immersive way to see your data, send and receive notifications on desktop or mobile -- and make smart, data-backed decisions in real time.

There is massive potential for our customers to drive transformative impact. Businesses can turbocharge their offerings, strengthening their operations to lift up their families, communities and local economies. Governments can better serve citizens and save lives, with elements like enhanced disaster management. New companies will emerge as entrepreneurs see fresh possibilities like a real-time, on-demand digital marketplace for renting farm equipment or dynamic routing and pickup for logistics.

Today, our end-to-end solution is already being integrated on passenger and cargo railways, fishing boats, and farming equipment. We’re working closely with world-class partners, from Sony to SoftBank and Boeing HorizonX, as we scale rapidly. We’re excited to help our customers reimagine -- and deploy -- the possible.

And we’d love to talk. Get in touch today.