Can Fishing Be Safer and More Productive? Yes, With Technology’s Help

Kelly Brieger
Director of Marketing
November 16, 2020

In a single year, the global fisheries industry put 156 million tons of seafood into the food supply. 38 million commercial and subsistence fishers, roughly 40 percent of whom are in India, put it there. But it’s a dangerous profession, particularly for fishermen who operate independently or as part of small fleets. And it’s one where, with the right technology, fleet and boat owners could expand their hauls, maintain visibility, and ensure better safety for their equipment and crew.

The challenges these fishers face are real:

  • Unreliable, unstable offshore connectivity 
  • Inconsistent visibility into precise locations of ships
  • Lack of reliable real-time alerts for adverse weather events
  • Unpredictable information about regulations, international borders, and unsafe environments

It’s gotten even more challenging with a growing number of cyclones causing the number of fishing days to plummet, and with the advent of the COVID lockdown, the amount of fishermen able to do their jobs is in flux. An industry as important as fishing in crisis can’t go it alone. The issues are complex, the challenges great, to be solved effectively alone.

Advances in technology can change everything. 

Skylo’s reliable, affordable, continuous solution has already proven significant for fishers. It’s a simple, affordable way for fishers to get satellite-based connectivity for a monthly price that’s the equivalent of a cup of coffee or chai per day. 

Here’s how it works: our rugged Skylo Hub is designed to survive the toughest maritime conditions. It’s installed on the boat where it receives all kinds of specific sensor data and securely transmits it 30,0000 kilometers into space to the Skylo satellite network, and then immediately sends information back to boat owners and fishermen, via the Skylo Platform on a desktop or mobile device, so they can make critical and immediate decisions. As a result, it definitively addresses maritime problem areas, with excellent results:

  • Provides uninterrupted communications between fishers and boat owners. Fishers can share what they’ve caught and boat owners can facilitate sales before the boat docks, improving profits and livelihoods.
  • Gives boat owners the piece of mind of always knowing precisely where their fishing vessels are via a real-time, secure web portal.
  • Equips fishermen with reliable two-way messaging to share information about distressed vessels, ask for help, and understand external factors like inclement weather, climate change, high tide, closed ports, etc.
  • Arms fisherman, owners, governments with the ability to send and receive SOS alerts.

Skylo aims to lend its innovations to help build a truly Digital India, one that’s helping industries intelligently connect through transformative tools and processes to enhance safety and productivity. We’re proud to support government initiatives designed to enhance the aquaculture industry through a solution with a monthly cost equivalent to pocket change. 

Examples like India’s Blue Revolution-Neel Kranti Mission and PMMSY (Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana) showcase how useful the Internet of Things can be in supporting fishermen with routine operations - and in encouraging the economy to make use of this industry’s incredible potential. The goal is to improve production and exports in the fisheries domain, potentially doubling fishermen’s income.

It’s a worthy goal - and one we’re committed to help drive it as part of Digital India’s commitment to new programs and innovations that give the country -- and the critical industries who make India great -- a boost.

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