A Year In Review: A Quick Look at 365 Days Out of Stealth Mode

Parth Trivedi
CEO and Co-Founder
December 30, 2020

When Skylo emerged from stealth in January this year, we felt an incredible energy and sense of optimism. We’re closing out the year in a world that’s dramatically changed -- and yet our energy and optimism remain high.

We’ve just announced our exclusive partnership with India’s government-owned telecom, BSNL. Together, we now offer the world’s first narrowband IoT satellite solution which provides affordable - and continuous - coverage to all of India. Imagine just how important that is - almost 28,000 villages in India have no cell coverage at all. Now we see the door opening to new and consistently accessible data - the ability to signal for help, to turn analog farming equipment into data powerhouses for precision farming, to track life-saving cargo anywhere, to report and send real-time alerts in disasters, and more.

Our solution is already in play today. Fishermen are reporting catch and market data through the platform. We’re connecting government ambulances so people can see precisely where ambulances are en route, how long it will take to get there, how far out from emergency rooms, etc.

Recently, we’ve helped save the lives of seven Indian fishermen at sea; their boat was sinking but a nearby vessel, equipped with Skylo, was able to rescue them, call for help from the authorities and communicate with the boat owner. As a technology-driven service provider, we are constantly pushing ourselves to innovate and news like this keeps us going even in the toughest of times. This has meaningful, real-world impact. And we’re truly just getting started.

As we look to 2021, we’re incredibly excited by what’s on Skylo’s roadmap. We’re going to expand beyond India.  We’ll roll out a new version of the Skylo Hub. Our distributors, OEMs and systems integrators will find it even easier to work with us as we launch a simple, elegant software development kit and API. 

Pandemic or not, we’ve set ambitious goals for 2021 and we intend to deliver. Because our customers can’t wait.

Stay on the journey with us.